Teal-Color Pick 2012 via Santa Rosa Interior Design

January 17, 2012

Every year all the color experts pick a color for the year. It could be a major color in design, or a color that accents all the others and defines the year. My color pick for 2012, as the one color to use to update your space is…teal.

image via designwonderland blog

It works beautifully with many bright colors including Pantone’s color of the year Tangerine Tango!

Thanks for this retro image of teal from design sponge!

I love it used by itself or mixed with variations of the same on itself, teal…

image courtesy of earth.tumbler.com

I love it in fashion…

Gucci Collection, 2011-2012 via couture courier

And…I love it in big, bold jewelry, my own personal fashion statement…

my personal style, big jewelry-image courtesy of gypsyville.com

For me, the color that will enhance all other colors of the year… is teal. It’s perfect blend between blue and green, or heaven and earth; with a mysterious quality to it…I think it truly represents 2012.

For more inspiration in using teal this year, check out the video below. I’d love to hear from you as to your favorite pick of the year. Are you in Pantone’s camp? Do you choose Tangerine Tango? Or, do you march to the beat of a different drummer. What’s your color pick for the year? Leave me a comment below…I want to know!

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