Top 5 Best Red Carpet Dresses at the Academy Awards!

Top 5 Best Red Carpet Dresses at the Academy Awards!

Yes, I know…we are all fashion critics, right? And in a less then stellar red carpet year-with a few exceptions, I can’t resist adding my two cents. So, as an ex Fashion Trend Director and a self proclaimed critic, here are my picks for the best of the best dressed looks from the Academy Awards this past Sunday. #1. Ms. Penelope Cruz-She get’s my vote for number one on the red carpet with Armani! And, she had it in the VERY stellar year of 2007 with atelier Versace in my opinion as well (although Michelle Williams was a very close second). She has an innate grace and inner beauty that shines through. She’s captivating casual, or dressed up in old Hollywood Glam style.

2012 Academy Awards-image via the NY Daily News

Academy Awards 2007-image via Fashion mix blog

#2. My choice is Emma Stone. At first I wasn’t sure about the big red bow around her face, but then I thought, perfect…it calls attention to her brightest features, her red hair, willowy figure, and her white, white skin. Kudos Emma for getting it right out of the box with the unusual Giambattista Valli design! Simple and elegant all the way from head to toe

Academy Awards 2012-image via Oscar’s official site

#3. And of course, who can go wrong with Vera Wang, right? Many people commented on how they did not like Viola Davis’s red hair. Personally I thought it was perfect. She moved out of her “type cast” movie role looks, dyed her hair to complement her costume, and looked fabulously sexy and totally buff in a knock them dead dress! You go girl.

Academy Awards 2012-image via Oscar’s official site

#4. Ms. Octavia Spencer not only moved us with her incredible performance in the Help, but also delighted us with her heartfelt win. She looked lovely in her Tadashi Shoji cream sparkle of a dress. It totally flattered her figure and her style. Who wouldn’t applaud her on every level, don’t  you think?

Academy Awards 2012-image via official Oscar site

#5….well, sigh, I think I’d go with Ms. Cameron Diaz. I love her authenticity of self. She seems to be totally up front, funny and just plain who she is. And, for a blond California girl, her choice of Gucci’s strapless mermaid tail dress was as fresh and clean as she is. Go Cameron.

Academy Awards 2012-image via Oscar’s official site

Who did I miss in this less then stellar year? A terrific Grand Dame of the movie screen. Where was Ms. Helen Mirren who always looks amazing? Ms. Streep’s star will always shine in my book, but the dress style, hmmmm…not so much. Ms. Close was close, but missed. Where are you Ms. Mirren? Come back please.

Ms. Mirren at the debt premiere-image via the Daily Mail

Who wore your favorite dress on the red carpet? Come on, this is fun. Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your opinion! Cheers.





  1. Diane Torrisi 4 years ago

    Irene, I agree 100% with your choices, however, I’m shocked you didn’t include the magnificent Gwenyth Paltrow in this list! She was stunning (and my #1 choice!)!!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 4 years ago

      you know Diane, I debated between her and Cameron. Went with Cameron, because while I loved Gwenyth’s dress, I didn’t love the cape, and it just didn’t ring true to me for some reason. And I usually like her. Can’t explain other then that.

  2. lynne whiteside 4 years ago

    didn’t anyone like the dress Sandra Bullock wore – for me that was ‘best dressed’.

    • Author
      Irene Turner 4 years ago

      I’m sure people did Lynne, I didn’t. I did like the back less part but the rest I don’t think flattered her at all, and looked a bit like a sack. My opinion only of course. I also didn’t like the harsh separation of black and white. Sandra is usually much better put together then this. But then different opinions are what make the world go around!

  3. it’s not a good choice…
    my favorite is another red dress; very beautiful of Marie GUIRALD
    best vincent

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