Sonoma County-Fall!

Sonoma County-Fall!

 I LOVE Fall!  I think it’s my favorite season.  Right now out my back door nature is putting on a show that makes my eyes happy, filling them with the beauty of fall here in Sonoma County.

Originally from New York I could have sworn there was no prettier place on earth then Fall on the east coast.  But over the last 9 years of life here in Paradise I see more and more of the abundance of Mother Nature in so many forms, and I’ve got to say, our falls are magnificent.   

There is so much to do…from fine dining at restaurants like The Farmhouse to more casual eating at Peter Lowell’s and Willow Wood.  And should you think that all we do here is eat, hiking along the Ocean cliffs and the hills in wine country is a great way to work off all the fresh and organic local meals.  It’s also a great place to take a car tour.  When driving in an old car, time naturally seems to slow down, and it’s a fabulous way to see the countryside.

What do I love about fall here in Sonoma County?  Let’s see:

  1. Fall harvest of fruits and vegetables at all the local produce stands
  2. Crush! and looking forward to another vintage year
  3. Crab season
  4. Clam Chowder on a foggy day
  5. Grape tarts!
  6. The changing colors
  7. The scent of fall, there’s nothing like it
  8. Sitting around the outdoor fires with friends
  9. The magnificent sunsets
  10. The greening of our golden summer hills as it begins to rain
  11. A glass of a full bodied red wine
  12. A lit fireplace
  13. The sound of the leaves under my feet, and the musty smell they let off
  14. The fog burning off as the sun rises higher in the sky
  15. Art Walks & Studio tours

And on, and on and on!  For those of you who want to come up to wine country and experience our laid back country fall, a neighbor has a great vacation rental just down the street from us.  You and your whole family or friends can stay at his home, called Spirit Hill Farm, and enjoy our fall yourself.  Check out the video below with just a peek at just some of the lusciousness of fall here in Sonoma County…and come up to visit!

What do you like best about fall where you live?  I’d like to hear.




  1. Emily Fiorelli 5 years ago

    These photos are fantastic! I completely agree..coming from southern CA, where fall doesn’t exist, and seeing how gorgeous Sonoma County is in the fall. If you ever get to Santa Rosa and you need Italian food, Simply Delicious is your place. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

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