Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-Part 1

Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-Part 1

My Entertaining Sonoma Style ™ board on Pinterest is my number 1 board with 3,960,713 followers just on it’s own! Why is that? I think it’s because Sonoma County is wine country and an incredibly desirable place to visit and live, so people want to emulate our lifestyle.

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Entertaining Sonoma Style™-image via Kinfolk Magazine, Photo by Leo Patrone

What is Entertaining Sonoma Style ™? It’s a casual yet chic combination of food & wine, plus good company to create the perfect entertaining environment.

What are the key elements to creating your own Entertaining Sonoma Style ™?

Lighting: dusk or night, great ambient lighting is key to setting the party mood.

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Lighting is key to Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-image via Style me Pretty-photo by Elisabeth Kate Photography

  • Table top: whether dining casually alfresco or a bit more formally, a simple yet pretty table goes a long way to creating the perfect party ambience.
  • Drinks: wine, cocktails or simple sun tea to fancy bubbles, the drinks bar is pivotal to the flow of any party.
  • Food: good clean food, served in a “slow food” manner is what Sonoma is all about, creating a taste treat not soon to be forgotten.

    vertical 680x1024 Entertaining Sonoma Style ™ Part 1

    Good Slow Food is key to Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-image via Honestly Yum

  • General Enjoyment: nothing beats a great crowd of friends or family for all around enjoyment by everyone.
  • Picnics: in our lush countryside, picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with all the elements noted above.

    eaa65a93bf281d4615a0af897b8927c9 Entertaining Sonoma Style ™ Part 1

    Picnics are great fun when Entertaining Sonoma Styel!-image via Country Living

Over the next few weeks I’ll take a look at each element to help you create your own Entertaining Sonoma Style ™. I guarantee, it’ll be a big hit!

When combining beautiful ambiance, good food, good wine and great people you can’t help but create a lovely and magical environment for entertaining.

Stay tuned for Part 2 through 7, an in depth look into learning how to Entertain Sonoma Style ™!




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