Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style ™

Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style ™

Luxury used to be an overused word meaning flash+ dash, and bigger is better; but, what is luxury in one market isn’t necessarily considered a luxury in another so I’d like to redefine luxury, Sonoma Style ™!

Redefining Luxury-Sonoma Style image via De Meza Architects in Sonoma County

Redefining Luxury-Sonoma Style image via De Meza Architects in Sonoma County

Not only did the economic crash of 2008 along with the slow recovery change the definition of luxury around the world, so are the millennial’s, as they redefine luxury through their digital world and their lifestyle choices; and the Baby Boomers, as their sheer numbers are moving swiftly through the life cycle. They are looking to simplify, down size, or as I call it right size, and often luxurious to them is enjoying a great quality of life.

These two groups will take over as the largest generational segment in the luxury consumer market around 2018-2020, according to Unity Marketing.

And Millennials aren’t driven by money or traditional status symbols. Gone are aspirations to acquire the must-have brand-name purse and thousand-dollar bespoke suit. They don’t seek to drive a BMW since that is the car they had when they were 16-years-old. They believe cable TV, home security systems, and jet-skis are standard household necessities.” Larissa Faw –Forbes

Luxury homes used to be the purview of the wealthy, the so-called 1 percent. In the last five years, an emerging client niche is not only expanding the pool of luxury buyers, but changing how we think about living in luxury.

Today redefining luxury includes a desirable lifestyle, unique opportunities, stunning views, iconic locations and favorite pastimes. This is what now defines “distinctive properties” for the client who sees the home as an integrated component of a luxurious lifestyle. 

What defines Sonoma Style ™ luxury living?


  • Sustainability is sexy: from alternative energy and conservation to a mindful approach to life.
  • Simplicity: Less is more as long as it’s well done and with bells and whistles.
  • Bigger isn’t always better: size doesn’t matter (as much). Better is what counts. This includes smart technology, energy efficiency and proximity to our desirable location.
  • New ways of using space: particularly open floor plans allows for increased interaction, increased views and more natural light, giving the illusion of more space. It encourages the integration of everyday living.
  • Ease in amenities: Guest homes or Mother in law apartments, and high end kitchens are the most important amenity of the home. The Luxury client today values social interactions and the creation of community making these expanded kitchens the continued heart of the home, and with room for guest or extended family.  More to come on this.
  • Our location: Our homes include the added attributes of nature, from ocean front, vineyards, forests, rivers, great food and wine. Plus of course our weather! And, our views are priceless!
  • Indoor/Outdoor living: is at it’s best, expanding our living space, making the connection between nature and environment a way of daily life.

    Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style ™-via Ken Linsteadt Architects

    Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style ™-via Ken Linsteadt Architects

  • Quality of life: is more important to both the Millennials and the Baby Boomers. We have that in abundance!
  • Experience is key: 77% of high end clients value experience over possessions, and the experience of living Sonoma Style™ is highly desirable.

“What we now consider luxurious has evolved to so much more than expensive products. Luxury is not just a market, a product, a lifestyle… but an aspirational value, an ‘art de vivre’ as the French say…Gone are the vulgar excesses, which clash so unfavourably with our new outlook on spending post-downturn. The return to original practices and focus on luxury materials has reinstated luxury items as part of an aspirational value, a belief in longevity and quality, as far removed from the bling of before as possible.” Jennifer Attias-the Holmes Report

That’s what makes the quality of daily life here in Sonoma County so sublime…a nod to the basics of life and the luxury of a sustainable lifestyle based on quality, beauty and experience!

It's not the size that counts, but the quality of life when Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style™-Love our views!-image via ITSonomaStyle

It’s not the size that counts, but the quality of life when Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style™-Love our views!-image via ITSonomaStyle

Do you know anyone looking for a quality of life Sonoma Style™? Give them my name and number. I’d like to help them find IT !

Check out the video below for an inside look at Luxury Sonoma Style™ as created and defined so sublimely by Polly Ogden Associates. This is the epitome of Luxury Sonoma Style™. What do you think…are you in?




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