Is it Technology, Energy or our Mind?

Is it Technology, Energy or our Mind?

I have always been fascinated by the unseen and the interaction between our mind, our body and our physical world.  It’s why I’ve created a system I call Energetics of Space™ (or ESp),  my theory that everything is interconnected and interacts through energy, even design. Recently I read about two technological designs that seem to verify my thoughts…one is coming out soon, and the second one is currently on the market.  These completely captivate me and seem to be further evidence of the interaction between all energy, whether physical or not.    The first one is a 3-D sensing device called the PrimeSensor™ which will be available this November via the X-box 360.  I first read about this in Fast Company a couple of weeks ago…This technology will soon be found everywhere from hospitals to cars.

The PrimeSensor™ Reference Design is a box that is able to perceive the world in three dimensions and to translate these perceptions into commands that can control TV’s, computers, cars etc. The solution includes a sensor component, which observes the scene ( us users and our surroundings), and a perception component, or brain, which comprehends the user interaction within these surroundings.  Imagine this scene, as described by Giovanni Calabro in his article for Fast Company Design entitled “Gesture-Sensing Tech Will Soon Change Our Everyday Lives”.

After a long day at work I walk out to my car; it recognizes me and opens without a key. After I sit in my car, my height and weight are registered and the airbags adjust accordingly for safe deployment. After driving a while I start to nod off. The movement of my head is registered and Michael McDonald’s “What a Fool Believes” plays full blast to wake me. When I arrive at home, I stand in front of my entertainment system and gesture to initiate interaction. It recognizes my face and pulls up my contacts rather than my wife’s. Using just my hands, I flip through my contacts, select one, and begin video conferencing with him.

Take a look!…

The second product which is currently on the market is called the mind lamp™, a new ambient LED lamp that looks a bit like a re-designed lava lamp and moves between deep hues of white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, and magenta.  Being a color addict you can imagine that this just gets my YaYa’s going!  AND…perhaps the most interesting feature of the Mind Lamp™, is that several research bodies have found significant evidence that the human mind can have an organizing effect on random systems. In other words, evidence suggests that the Mind Lamp™ can be influenced by consciousness – our subjective thoughts, moods, and intention.  The ultimate mood ring…YES [fist pump]!

Take a look at this…

So, what do you think?  Like?  Not Like?  Do you believe that energy can interact this way?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below…




  1. Louise Edington 12 years ago

    Whoah! Not sure what I think of the first one – sounds fun but a little scary. The mind lamp I like though I wonder if we had one and four of us were in the room – what then?

    In answering your question though – yes, I do believe that energy can interact this way but I find the prospect a little scary as what happens when negative energy is running such things…..

  2. Michael Cavitt 12 years ago

    Verrrrry interesting, as they use to say on Laugh In. I saw the same article in Fast Company. Thanks for the mind lamp information.

  3. Donna McCord 12 years ago

    I also believe that there is a real interconnection between energy sources and especially our thoughts can have an impact on our surroundings; not sure if I like the Prime Sense concept, but it is a concept whose time had to come based on all the other technology we are seeing today (touch phones, etc.) — I’m with Louise on my concern about the power of negative energy, but I also believe that positive energy is stronger, so my hope is in that! The mind lamp is fun, but again as Louise said, what happens with multiple people in the room?? Anyway, very intriguing and it will be interesting to see how these ideas develop.

  4. Fascinating… but I have to agree with Louise — what if negative energy is the driving force, instead of positive energy… interesting stuff.

  5. Jennifer Bourn 12 years ago

    The first one sounds a little creepy to me. I think there is a line with how far technology should go… I agree the idea of the reactions for negative energy vs. positive energy would be a fascinating discussion.

    Now mood rings were a fun toy as a kid … but I don’t know if I ‘d want that all out in the open as an adult!

  6. Jill Angelonides 12 years ago

    this technology is a physical expression of where the main stream of human understanding is headed…..those that have the capacity to ride this tide will rise….

    if you are concerned about how negative energy could impact the furtherance of this technological advancement, simply turn on TV and if you believe what you hear and feel fear, then you already know the consequences……

  7. Darcie Newton 12 years ago

    I know it isn’t possible but sometimes I just want technology to atop so that I can catch up…although admittedly it would be easier if technology could read my mind…albeit a bit scary.

    What’s not too love about a lava lamp turned mood ring? Could be very enlightening.

    Since we all are nothing but energy, I’d be foolish not to expect that we can effect other things with our energy. Although it would be interesting to see who had stronger energy…the optimist or the pessimist. I guess it would depend on who was in the room.

  8. Ron Britton 12 years ago

    Both products do not surprise me at all. I believe we will see more and more man/machine interface advancement in the coming years. Right now everything that ever was or ever will be started as a thought in someone’s mind. Just the means to manifest those thoughts are changing.

    Follow the Quest –

  9. KathyAlice 12 years ago

    Reading through this I was reminded of the technology in the movie “Minority Report”. There are some startling advances occurring in science today. The technology is in reach, the problem is making it marketable, cost effective.

  10. Jen Sako 12 years ago

    Wow! This is so science-fiction to me, but I guess that’s what’s coming down the pike. Our children’s children will giggle at our “innocence!”

  11. Oh man- those are sooooo cool. I love them. And being a true believer that we are just energy anyway, how cool would it be to better learn how to control our energy.
    Of course, the only fiction books I tend to read are sci-fi and I was a trekie back in the ’60s, I’m slightly sad that there are so many things I won’t get to see, but my kids and grand kids will have a wonderful time! (I really want one of those hand thingys in my house. Talk about being a couch potato!) Great fun.

    Candace Davenport
    Our Little Books

  12. Jennifer Duchene 12 years ago

    Fascinating idea – amazing what technology and minds can create. I do believe we are all energy and our energy makes things happen. Not sure if I want to go down that science fiction road. I am disturbed by the idea of machines being used to control humans. Although I do like the idea of machines doing chores.

  13. Caitlin Knight 12 years ago

    Unlike Ron, I am VERY surprised by this technology! Sounds like science fiction to me, but I’m certainly no expert. (Far from it.) Fun to think about – in a scary kinda way!

  14. Bill Browning 12 years ago

    Like it or not – here it comes. I like the lava lamp concept. More validation that our thoughts organize matter.

    Thanks for the article.


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