Why Beauty Matters

Why Beauty Matters

Pluto and Proserpina marble statue:1622 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini-image courtesy of Healthy is the New Skinny

Through Beauty we are brought into the sacred. E.Kant

I LOVE beauty…just in case you weren’t sure.

I truly believes that beauty uplifts us and brings us great joy. Recently I found this BBC documentary by Robert Scruton on YouTube that speaks to why beauty matters in our lives. It is a must see documentary.

Robert talks about the lack of beauty in our world today, and how he believes that beauty is as important a value as truth and goodness. I of course agree. While he mainly speaks about beauty in the arts in the form of architecture, music, poetry and art itself, I would also add that I believe it is important to surround ourselves with beauty in our everyday life, especially in our homes.

As an interior designer, I believe it is important to help people bring beauty that is reflective of them, and to them, into their space, creating a home that enlivens them and speaks to their soul. This creates a comfort in which their spirit will ultimately thrive and they will feel more at peace within themselves.

I completely agree that beauty is one of those intangible elements, and that it speaks to us and makes us feel good.  When we are in the midst of  beauty it is generally difficult to maintain negativity.  Beauty almost always makes us want to stop, slow down, and just to breathe it in. And, isn’t that how you’d like to feel at home?

A little bit of beauty™-image from Gypsy Purple home, via Simply Seductive Blog

When we bring little bits of  beauty in a simple and natural form into our home, it becomes filled with grace and style.  And therefore, I believe that beauty should always be an intrinsic part of our space, whether in our home or our work space.

In this show, Scruton describes beauty as an essential resource and that through beauty we shape the world as our home. It’s a thought provoking commentary on our world at large, and in my opinion, definitely translates into our world at home.

What do you think of beauty?  How important do you think it is in your world? What do you do to bring more beauty into your home and your everyday world? Do you look for beauty in life?

I say, take the time to watch this. It is worth the hour. 

It’s a little bit of beauty™ in and of itself. And, I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject of beauty! Please share…




  1. Teresa Tullio 11 years ago

    I agree, we only have a short time in this world, Why not love and appreciate the beauty around us. Not as an obsession but as a celebration. From small details in our home to the beauty of nature, When I sit in my studio office, I am inspired by the beauty of random paint spots and paper scraps. Simply, beauty inspires beauty and that’s what makes our world a nicer place to live in.

    • Author
      Irene Turner 11 years ago

      I think that’s why we are in the business we are in don’t you think Teresa? And aren’t we so lucky to value, and inspire others with little bits of beauty! Happy Holiday’s to you and yours

  2. GRNY Renovation 11 years ago

    We’re in the remodeling business and after so many years of experience dealing with so many different type of people and businesses we do believe that change, beauty and happiness are interrelated somehow. It feels natural from a human point of you to experience change at some point of our lives. If that CHANGE brings BEAUTY with it, then HAPPINESS is often the result. It’s a beautiful cycle that we can all participate and improve the world around us. Great article Irene! I enjoy following your Blog! Happy Holidays!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      And to you GRNY…can’t believe it took me so long to see your lovely and thoughtful comment. Thanks so much for stopping by, sharing your thoughts and for your kind words. I love seeing you pop up here.

  3. I am so very grateful that there is someone in the art world who still reveres true beauty, and who is not afraid to publicly say so.

    To attempt to show the link between beauty & a true religiousness, with art as a vehicle is no small thing, and I admire Mr. Scruton’s thoughtful and sensitive approach.

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Oh Katja, I so agree with you. Beauty to me is a spiritual experience. It always brings me back to my heart! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I love hearing from you!


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