Suzani Textiles-Sonoma Style™

Suzani Textiles-Sonoma Style™

Suzani decorative embroidered textiles are some of the most beautiful and colorful pieces of art fabrics in the world today.

Beautiful fabrics-image via Design Ties

Functional aspects of art have always appealed to me, and although these works originally were conceived to be simply useful, they really do add so much beauty to everyday life. I’m a world traveler, as are many of my clients,  and I love nothing more then mixing global touches into many of the interiors that I work on. Fabrics are a favorite way to do so. The word “suzani” comes from persian word “suzan” which means- needle. Originally, authentic Suzani’s were found along the Silk Trade Route in Central Asia in such countries as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. These decorative embroideries are hand-stitched on square panels by women using age-old tradition’s and are then connected together to create larger sized pieces.

Suzani’s are still hand embroidered today-Click the photo to find a great source for Suzani-image via FB The Little Silk Road Shop

Suzani’s usually have a cotton (sometimes silk) fabric base, which is embroidered in silk or cotton thread.  Popular design motifs include sun and moon disks, flowers (especially tulips, carnations, and irises), leaves and vines, fruits (especially pomegranates) in geometric forms. In the nineteenth century, Uzbek women produced these fabulous embroidered pieces for hangings,  bed covers, wrapping cloths, table covers, and prayer mats for their households and their daughters’ dowries.  It wasn’t until the Soviet Era ended that Westerners became more familiar with exotic fabrics  such as Ikat and Suzani. My favorite ways to incorporate Suzani’s in home decor are:

  • As a bed spread

    Beautiful over a bed-image via attic mag

  • As a cover over sofa’s and chairs
  • As art-a wall hanging

Beautiful wall hangings-image via angie helm interiors

  •  Used as upholstery for chairs or sofas

upholstery fabric-image via Field and Stone Hill Design

  • And of course as accessories such as pillows, ottomans, puffs and throws
To see more examples of these fine art textiles check out the video below. Would you incorporate these textiles in your home? Don’t you think they are a fun way to add color and pattern? What’s your favorite color combination? Let me know, I always love hearing from you!




  1. Vicky 10 years ago

    Hi Irene,

    We are in Tajikistan and love your article. Did you know that the origins of suzani actually date back to the 7th and 8th centuries and that every motif has a meaning?

    At the moment we are selling new high quality works of suzani as a means of giving work to unemployed women living in poverty.

    You can check out our work here (its in Russian, but there are plenty of pictures to look at), plus we have lots of photos on our facebook page

    Here you can see our products, the women we work with and what we are doing.



    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Thank you for your information! Your web site looks nice. I do think there is a very easy way for it to get automatically translated if the button is added to your site. This would be very helpful to selling more of your lovely Suzani’s to the rest of Europe and the Americas. Good luck to you. I always love learning of new resources!

  2. Susan E. Brown 10 years ago

    Love suzanis! One of my favorites! I have used them repeatedly also as bed throws, ottoman upholstery, etc. I remembered reading about the history a long time ago, and have since forgot. Thanks for the reminder!!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      I love them too Susan, and so love know the history of the unusual things I use. So do my clients! Now I have something to email them when they want more info!

  3. Lyn Higgs 10 years ago

    irene–this filn was the most exposure that I have seen showing the suzanis–they are beautiful–loved them as a bedspread and especially as upholstery for furniture–i can see that the pattern would make the statement for the room–thank you for showing such exquisite workmanship!!!

  4. Rym 10 years ago

    I looove Suzanis. I have discovered this beautiful textile few years ago and since then I have collected some beautiful vintage suzanis. I have used them mainly for bed spread and upholstery. You can check my collection on
    Any feedback on my collection is welcome.

    Thank you

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Rym, Ilove your web site, and know that I would love your store. I wish you were in the US. I’d be able to use you more as a resource…unless of course I get another project in Europe! We’ll see?!


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