Small Homes

Small Homes

What do you think of the trend towards living in small homes?  Well, you know what they say, “it’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it”. I’d like to introduce you to Beth’s 365 sq. ft. home, designed with grace and great style!

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Welcome to this small home-image via Apartment Therapy & Small Home Bliss

I first saw this tiny gem of a cottage shared by Small House Bliss this morning. Winner of Apartment Therapy’s 2010 Small Cool Contest, AT recently re visited this charming cottage to capture more details to share with us.

Notice how attention to each detail adds grace and captures the personality of the owner. And her use of light colors with bold accents makes it a happy home. It also fits into it’s environment seamlessly. Meaning I might not do it the same way in a walk up in NYC, but there too you can create a home to reflect you and fit it’s skin so to speak.

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Great use of color-image via Apartment Therapy

Personally, I have a dream of living in a small bungalow or cottage, in downtown Sebastopol, where I can walk to everything I need, and keep my car time for travel. The thought of a small place to clean, where I’m not working to pay my overhead only, and where I’m comfortable to lock the door and travel when I want, is living a sustainable life on many levels!

Here in Sonoma County, the home of Slow Food in the US and one of the few Citta Slow areas here, rightsizing is recognized and appreciated! And Beth has proven, to me at least, that it can be done with great style and charm!

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Attention to detail, image via Apartment Therapy

What do you think of the 365 sq. ft. cottage? Could you live in it? Either as a single person or a couple? Tell me what you think. And join me in a tour through the video below. Thanks Apartment Therapy and Small House Bliss for sharing this to begin with…I love it! Cheers.

tiny cottage in sausalito floor plan via smallhousebliss Small Homes

The Floor Plan-image via Small House Bliss




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