5 Key Home Renovation to Sell-Part 2

5 Key Home Renovation to Sell-Part 2

In Part 1 I talked about renovating your home to live in it long term. Here in Part 2, I want to talk about renovating a house to sell. This could happen for two reasons: one, perhaps you are building up to your dream home and this is an interim or entry level house. You have a 5 or 10 year plan and then you are moving on. Or, two, you are buying a fixer upper with the intent to clean it up, and flip it to make a profit. Top renovtions that will add value to your home when you go to sell:

1. Curb Appeal: First impressions count and this is the first thing people see as they drive up.

  • Make sure your grass looks tidy and healthy
  • Your garden is well organized and not over crowded
  • Make the front door or entryway to your home-clean, well painted in an accent color, and some welcoming statement such as a pot with flowers, welcome mat, great light fixture
  • If needed put a coat of fresh paint on the house

photo courtesy of Hear Today Info

2. Kitchens are the heart of a home and where you spend a lot of time. So if the kitchen is small, outdated and dark a potential buyer will see the house as a money pit.

  • Fix, replace or update light fixtures and hardware. Make sure there are enough lights to make it easy and enjoyable to spend time in the kitchen and your work space is well lit.
  • If needed replace cabinets, if they are in good shape, but just outdated, give them a good paint job. You can use color, but a neutral color (such as cream, greige, or a soft color on an island) will sell better.
  • Make sure all appliances work and update where necessary. You don’t need a Sub Zero or Viking, but basic good looking stainless always works.
  • Counter tops are important. Granite for homes over $500,000 is almost expected these days, but there are some good looking alternatives such as Corian, cement or glass
  • Make sure there is enough work space even if the kitchen is small. These days, if you can, it’s good to open the kitchen to a great room or create a seating/lounging space for people to spend time with the cook.

photo courtesy of Discmaco.com

3. Bathrooms like kitchens can be a money pit, and spa bathrooms are appealing. They don’t have to be big, just look and feel great. Quantity and quality count in bathrooms! If needed, add another bath, especially a master bath.

  • Modernize or update plumbing and lighting fixtures
  • If the tub is dirty and small replace it, or at least have it re-glazed
  • Make sure the sink or sinks have a nice vanity that fits with the style of the home
  • Make sure the toilet is clean, works well and if you need to replace, do so with a comfort height and energy water flow toilet.
  • Make sure the floor tile and shower or tub tile is clean and is updated to the look of the day

Photo courtesy of Paint Free Bathroom Duties

4. Home Office: These days more and more people are working out of their home. It helps to have a separate home office space if at all possible.

photo courtesy of home decor exchange

5. Paint & Flooring: Fresh paint throughout your home is another low-cost, high-return project – it makes everything look cleaner and brighter, and buyers love a house they won’t have to redecorate immediately. Also, any carpeted, tiled  or wooden floors need to be clean and look like new.

photo courtesy of Home Decorating Ideas

At the end of the day, if you plan to live in the house, even for a little while, it is your home. So go ahead and add features that you want with the thought of the future sale.

Here at Irene Turner at Home, we have helped many owners and realtors create plans to fix up a home to sell. Our professional help always pays off in spades! So for help with your home, contact us for more information.





  1. Claudia Juestel 11 years ago

    Great advice for sellers Irene! It is amazing to me that some people don’t know even the basics of cleanliness and understand the importance of proper staging and investing in minor upgrades.



  2. Decor Girl 11 years ago

    Finally, well said with no mincing words. You are so right about kitchens and baths – people see them and think dollar signs. Those are the two costliest projects so sellers need to accept this and take a deduct on their selling price to have a livable home. Personally I love a crappy kitchen when I’m house shopping because then there is no question of making it my way once I move it.

    Yes, a fresh coat of paint does wonders – especially if one removes the dated ducky wallpaper boarder. This goes double for kids rooms – not everyone see’s kids rooms the same way nor will they use it as a kids room. And yes, these need to be clean and clutter free too – no excuses. (Start-em young!)

    • Author
      Irene Turner 11 years ago

      Funny, I too love a crappy kitchen. I always love a project!

  3. Wow. I’m amazed of all the things that I learned here. I must say that your blog is a nice place to stay. Thanks for these great tips you have here.

  4. bath refinishing 11 years ago

    Well as far as i know people must get there washroom,kitchen and cabinets renovated so that it gives the good impression to the prospective buyer.

  5. When our washroom,kitchen and cabinets renovated they put great impression towards buyers and help to sale it quickly.

  6. roofers in nj 10 years ago

    This is a great peace of work you have done and yes this is the 5 best tips for home renovation and this tips help to improve the look of the house and made attractive for the buyers.


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