8 Display Tips for Living with Books-Part 1

8 Display Tips for Living with Books-Part 1
The kindle, the ipad, gotta love it, and gotta have one, but, no matter what, I still love books! And there is something about finding books in a home that tells you something about the owners…it tells you about their interests, that there is thought and contemplation that happens in that home, and times of quiet and individual entertainment. They say that these people love a written word and to be transported to another place and time. Yes, I will own an ipad…AND I will still have my books!
Books can also be a decorative element in a room,    stacked in piles, on coffee tables and side tables, and in book cases.  I once saw a collection of books stacked in four columns square with a large piece of glass over them as the coffee table itself!  Books are everywhere.  Personally, I like my books mostly on book shelves, with a few large ones strategically placed on a table.  The photo up above is my favorite corner in our living room where I sit and read while looking over our valley.  especially on those rainy days like today.
Here are some display tips I’ve personally found helpful, to help make the most out of living with your library.
  1. change it up a bit, change the stacking direction, some horizontal, some vertical
  2. keep the size dimensions in the same piles, or largest to smallest
  3. display your favorite finds, art, photos etc inbetween to add visual interest
  4. paint or add wallpaper to the back of the bookshelf
  5. display collections grouped together in odd numbers…3’s and 5’s etc
  6. highlight favorite objects with spotlights
  7. hang a painting over the front of the bookcases and add a art light
  8. don’t line books up perfectly and have everything completely symmetrical, it’s more inviting to actually pick up a book if you aren’t afraid of messing up a display

There are many other tips and tricks from many different sources.  But my best advice is to experiment.  Check out the video below for some inspiration and beautiful ideas.




  1. Kelley 12 years ago

    Thanks Irene! This is exactly my next step for the new digs! You’re always right on in moving me along in the design world….books still sitting sad and alone in boxes screaming to get out while I try to decide how to manage them all!

  2. Wow, we must be on the same wavelength… I recently posted about styling bookshelves too:




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