Declutter-Simplifying Life: Part 2

Declutter-Simplifying Life: Part 2

Living simply, for me, has meant being more organized, managing my time better, saying “no” sometimes, and losing layers of “stuff” that have little meaning or offer nothing beautiful. Christine Simiriglia

This is a follow up to Declutter-Simplifying Life: Part 1 where there are specific tips and tricks to help you declutter!

Here in part 2 are the 7 main reasons to declutter:   

  1. Save Money-you won’t by things in double, because you actually know what you have
  2. Appreciation-because what you have left is important to you, you will appreciate it more
  3. Always Prepared-you are always prepared for company as everything has a place and everything is in it’s place
  4. Better Time Management-you don’t waste time looking for things because you know where they are
  5. Freedom-since less time is spent taking care of things, you will have more time to do what you want
  6. Space-there is room for new things to come into your life, including ideas and thoughts
  7. Less Stress & More Energy-less time having to take care of things equals more time to enjoy life

Remember, the goal isn’t to become a monk and give up all worldly possessions or live in a spartan and zen like atmosphere…but rather to put a stop to the constant influx of MEANINGLESS “stuff” into your life…and the saving of things that are no longer needed, or really used in any way.  Getting rid of clutter is like exercising a muscle. The more you do it, the easier it gets. You’ll also get less attached to stuff in general, and become a stronger and smarter consumer.  You’ll appreciate what you do have that much more.

Decluttering helps in creating a Slow Home and in living a slower and simpler life in general.

What are your decluttering tips…please share them in the comment section below…I love new ideas!




  1. We completely agree with you, Irene! Less stuff = less time needed to maintain stuff, find stuff, find a place to store stuff… And you are right about the importance of being less attached to things. you can’t take them with you, right??
    I love your Slow Home and Simplicity movement— we are right there with you!

  2. John in Port Moody 12 years ago

    Hi Irene,
    This is a really helpful post offering wonderful advice for those of us challenged by clutter. I have given you with a link on my post where I talk about new multi-family housing today getting smaller:
    Thanks for sharing.


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