Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint

Over the last year I’ve been noticing many wall surfaces in a chalk board finish. Often times you’ll see them in a kitchen or a mudroom as it seems to be a great way to communicate with your family on the run; IF you want to keep the message up and visible, not just text or tweet it into cyber space. I love the look as it has that milky finish I talked about in my color trends for the 21st Century post. And, when it’s a chalky black has an almost greige look to it which is of course, spot on!

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While you can can get chalk paint in almost any color, my #1, #2, #3 favorite is black.   

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After that, the traditional green could work. I guess if I were doing a children’s room I’d consider other colors, but for now, I stand by these two.

Lauren Liess via Houzz

Now that I’m a YaYa (grand daughter’s name for me) I am liking it even more. She’s the first of hopefully many, and, what a fun thing for her to do at her YaYa’s house! Who else will let her write on the walls? When we re-do our kitchen in the next year or two I will definitely include chalk paint on some cabinet doors, just for the little ones.

Lauren Liess via Houzz

Chalk paint can also be used to create very personal art, be it family drawn pictures or written messages! I first read about this from Isabella and Max Rooms as a guest post on the Right Bank. What a fabulous “how to” or DIY on how to hang a wall full of pictures, in this case on a chalk wall, with chalk art on top!

Isabella & Max Rooms via the Right Bank

I’ve heard it’s quite easy to do yourself. Benjamin Moore makes a great chalk paint, and since I love all their products I would definitely recommend them. If you are wondering if you could do it yourself, check out the short video below for a quick overview.

It’s fun, looks great and easy to boot. What more could you want?

Could you see a chalk wall someplace in your home? Let me know where and why…I’m taking a survey to convince my husband. Thanks!




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  4. Caster boards 5 years ago

    Indeed. All wonderful ideas! I love the shapes like the owls as a chalkboard. Just a piece of advice from someone who’s used it – the magnetic paint is HEAVY and takes a lot to make it really magnetic. We painted squares (and then painted over each in a different color) in our playroom in the art area for each kid to hang their masterpieces. It was really cute but took a lot of work and really strong magnets! I have chalkboard paint in the garage right now. Just waiting for a somewhat nice day to take the pantry door outside and turn it into a memo board.

  5. Slim Paley 5 years ago

    I love this post! Chalkboard paint is a genius invention. I always have to have a chalkboard somewhere in a kitchen, and a corkboard (or wall) for inspiration somewhere in the house too 🙂

  6. Gwen Ware 5 years ago

    Love this post! I bought a flat panel door and painted it with chalk board paint and hung it on the wall in the upstairs landing. WE write our weekly schedule on it so everyone know what to do. We loved that so much I painted my 13 y.o. daughters entire room with it! It is wonderful!!

    I am also a Yaya to my 6 month old granddaughter!!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 5 years ago

      Another smart YaYa…of course it’s the first word they say isn’t it? Have fun YaYa

  7. i like the theme and colors that you used for your blog, is it a custom theme ?

    • Author
      Irene Turner 5 years ago

      it’s actually a wordpress template with customized color. thanks for stopping by!

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