Blog Tour-NYC Here I Come!

Blog Tour-NYC Here I Come!

WooHoo! I just want to share with you how honored and excited I am to be one of the chosen bloggers to participate in Blog Tour NYC 2013 this March.

New York City Here I come!-image via Ianception

New York City Here I come!-image via Ianception

#BlogTour is the brainchild of Veronika Miller, CEO and founder of Modenus, an Online Design Magazine. I’ve received their magazine via email for quite awhile and have avidly followed previous blog tours both here in the US and abroad on twitter. Needless to say I was thrilled to receive Veronika’s email inviting me to be a participant in the upcoming Blog Tour NYC!

Sometimes I sit here at my computer wondering who actually reads my posts, and why I am writing at all when my main love is design? What makes it all worth while? Well, you the reader for sure…and I never really knew this, but, my industry and peers as well. So imagine the thrill of being a participant in this one of a kind event with 13 other incredible bloggers from around the world!

Meet the team-image via 23qm Stil our German blog teammate Ricarda Nieswandt

Meet the team-image via 23qm Stil our German blog teammate Ricarda Nieswandt

1. Kate Watson-Smyth: Mad About the House  2. Gem Barton:  3. Zoe Brewer:
4. Mike Welton: 5. Lisa Goulet: Lisa Goulet Design 6. me:
7. Lori Gilder: 8. Michael Ryan: Michael Ryan Design 9. Louisa Blackmore: West Egg Blog
10. Emily Blunden: Atticus and Finch 11. Heather Jenkinson: Living in a Pretty How Town12. Marie-Louise Munter: Miss Design Says
13. Desiree Groenedal: Vosgesparis 14. Ricarda Nieswandt : 23qm Stil

So what is blog tour all about? We will be covering The Architecture Digest Home Design Show, along with showrooms, studio’s, design Resources, and behind the scene interviews with product designers and home design experts. Of course we will also be covering the parties, launches of new product and a general glitterati of NYC!

Do you want to keep abreast of what will be happening? Hear about the latest and greatest of what’s happening in the design world? Follow us on twitter #blogtourNYC, Pinterest, and of course my blog here as well as all the other participants blogs. You’ll be the first to see photo’s (also on my FB page) and hear about what’s new in the design world!

So, very excited to be going back to my hometown NYC, and also a bit back to my trend directors roots as we scout out the best of the best in the interior design world. There is nothing like the juice of creative stimulation from other creatives, new ideas, products and of course the city itself to enhance my own design work!

Won’t you join us on our tour and stay up to date on what’s happening? 

Presented by Modenus

Presented by Modenus

New York City here I come, Right Back Where I started from! It’s an Empire State of Mind for sure…




  1. Connie Lee 9 years ago

    Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

    • Author
      Irene Turner 9 years ago

      Perhaps we will get a chance to meet up Connie. I’d love to meet you in person

  2. Hilton purvis 9 years ago

    Sounds so great Irene….to know you will be
    T R A V E L I N G somewhere….
    and to your beloved old town NYC (and wonderful you were chosen to be a part of the group) At this moment I am remembering running into you in a dingy subway station post-Daytons days…and we re-kindled our friendship! So…
    Eat (great food)
    Pray (you’ll find great stuff as you window-shop)
    Love(your experience hob-nobbing w/ all the other bloggers….which I’m sure you will) XXOO

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