Winter Solstice-Let’s Unify

Winter Solstice-Let’s Unify

Winter Solstice is always a great time for reflection and inner peace and quiet. But never more so then this year with all the fire and brimstone, wild predictions, and lore about the “end of the world” on the 21st as is thought to be foretold by the Mayan calendar. In my reality it’s just the end of one age or calendar and the beginning of another. And a time to move towards peace on all levels!

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We are all one, via Unify photo stream on Facebook

In my readings I came across the Unify website and instantly felt a draw. Their message, “Let’s come together as one, on one day, at one time…and at that moment visualize peace and see the world as one.

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John Lennon said it best

Can you imagine how powerful that would be? When a fresh wind blows in like this we have an opportunity to change direction and rectify things that no longer work, or replace the broken with new and enlightened point of views. And right now it is time for some major repair work.

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peace begins within

I invite you to join in, and throughout your day visualize peace and light (both weight and illumination) in our world. Feel that peace within your self. This really is a time to go within in whatever way works for you. Let’s help our world and our selves begin to regain balance.

 What are you planning to do to celebrate this winter’s solstice? Won’t you share below?

UNIFY from omananda on Vimeo.




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