The New Face of Beauty-Part 2 What can we do?

The New Face of Beauty-Part 2 What can we do?

WOW! The response to my post on The New Face of Beauty a couple of weeks ago was OVERWHELMING! It obviously struck a cord for many women. It sparked several conversations over twitter and Facebook that were interesting to me. One in particular:

Dove Commercial

You speak truth! Some of us had Barbie to live up to, but the young women and girls today have … the entire electronic and print media. Ashley’s statement that we are being minimized and muted rings so true, and should compel a tidal wave of support. How, though? via Jeannie Shea

I read this as “how can we continue to make a difference?” So I thought about it, and stared asking around, and this is what I got:

  • First, it’s about how we feel. It’s a process of re-designing our thoughts, our self image and our definition of beauty (this is the big one, the most important one, and not easy to do!).

    Stacy Nadeau-model for Dove Real Beauty, speaks out at college campuses-image via Campuspeak

  • We then need to walk our talk, modeling our beauty at every age comfortably. I’m not saying don’t enhance our natural beauty, but rather don’t change HOW we look because we are uncomfortable.
  • We need to instill in our sisters, daughters, friends, grand daughters that they are beautiful, and not just how they look, but who they are as people and the difference they make in our lives.

    Photo by Shannon Golden-Kelli Golden runs for a modeling contest to prove her beauty-via Universe BYU EDU.

  • Allow our children to grow up in households where they are encouraged to have a healthy body image.
  • Continue to speak out against media and fashion. In this day and age, we can get a message out in minutes. Use this to speak up and out against societal prejudices and popular media that reinforce the opposite.

    This has got to stop! 23% less then the average woman and we feel we have to model ourselves after that?

  • Support companies and publications that make a statement in support of real beauty with your wallet.
  • Honor and appreciate our celebrities who continue to appear their age, and glamorously to boot.

Ms. Helen Mirren, my hero

  • Young women such as Stacy Nadeau, pictured above, need to continue speaking out to0…spreading the message to young women AND men about body image and real beauty.

“If I can be a part of changing the media’s view on women’s body types, then that’s fantastic,” Stacy said. “I have always been a curvier girl and always will be. I am proud of my body and think all women should be proud of theirs too.”

  • And…from my husband, Men need to teach their sons that women are beautiful in all forms and at all ages, by how you treat your woman. Yea rah for my husband!
In 2005, Dove came out with a campaign using real women. There was an outcry, positive and negative (the photo’s were still re-touched a bit), but it made a huge impact. Dove’s ads were a sorely needed reminder that you don’t need a perfectly sculpted body to be beautiful, and the women in the ads — airbrushed or otherwise — truly are.

Kristen McMenamy for Dove

The first lady also has given a new face to beauty. Not waif like, nor twenty, she became an overnight star as her inner beauty shines through everything she does…and yes, she does have great arms, don’t you think?

First Lady, Michelle Obama at the recent White House Correspondence dinner

We need to stop allowing societal prejudices and popular media to define, and  then reinforce our definition of beauty. And we have to do this by the way we spend our money, speaking out (the video below went viral!), and continued vigilance on our own Interior Design…and I’m not talking houses here!
Are you in? Will you continue the conversation? I’d love to hear your thoughts. This is an important issue, what else do you think we can do to support and continue this conversation, and lead to real change? Also follow this conversation on Pinterest, won’t you?
The video below is a perfect example of what we don’t want. And Dove, who made it, won an award for it. Rightfully so, don’t you think? After all, it called to attention what we are actually looking at. And it’s not us!




  1. Jeannie Shea 10 years ago

    Irene, I am reading this with a big smile on my face! I love that you are encouraging us to keep the conversation going. I think the key is to be vocal, yes, but also speak loudly with our wallets.

  2. Joan Bunney 10 years ago

    The physical body is the vehicle our Soul has chosen to express itself in physical form, and why we must honor it as “naturally” as humanly possible on all levels.
    Aging reaps profound rewards when we do.

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      I love that Joan. And yes, I completely agree!

  3. Lyn Higgs 10 years ago

    Grace, is the definig element of how we handle this natural process..Charm and beauty can be found in all ages from the very young to the aged–how we, as women handle our lives with the necessary confidence in ourselves will over-ride how the media defines beauty–

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      I certainly hope so Lyn. Those of us who have the inner dialog and grace that support this attitude are lucky. I’m hoping that this spreads beyond our small group to the larger one that is still swayed by media culture. Perhaps that day will come when the inner voice will hold more sway then the outer

  4. Lynne Barton Bier 10 years ago

    It is so wonderful to see this ground swell of support for women to be proud of who they are and to not feel as if they have to conform to the image of beauty that the media portrays. Kudos to Dove and to the other companies and organizations and to the increasing number of celebrities who are bringing awareness to the issue!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Yes indeed Lynne, and may more and more companies and fashion institutions continue to follow!


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