In Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary School

In Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary School

I have no words. In honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, their families and friends, I created my PEACE Mantle.

My Christmas Mantle 2012

My Christmas Mantle 2012

Won’t you join me in lighting a candle, and remembering the victims, both here and gone from Newtown, CT? And hug a child today.

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If you wish to help, check out this article for all the ways you can do so.  And, my lovely niece, Jen posted this on Facebook…

“Grace couldn’t sleep last night because she was crying over the fact that those precious Connecticut children were robbed of life. I ended up sleeping in her bed with her, just holding her and comforting her. While doing this I couldn’t help but to wonder who was comforting those that were involved? Together Grace and I came up with an idea to write a letter to Sandy Hook Elementary School, letting them know that “We love you Newtown Connecticut and we are lifting you up in our thoughts and prayers.” From, Gracie in California.
My thought is this, what if we all wrote a letter, or poem, or drew a picture, or some other act of LOVE to this heartbroken American town? There is strength in numbers, I say we flood this small town school’s mailbox with our condolences and love in there greatest time of need.

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Dr.
Newtown Connecticut 06470

I say, what a great idea! Won’t you join us?

Wishing peace to those involved and left behind this horrible tragedy, and peace throughout our world.

The video below was the TV show’s tribute to the people who died at Sandy Hook. Once again, thank you Leonard Cohen.

“The one hope for the future lies, I believe, in Sacred  Activism — the fusion of the deepest spiritual knowledge and passion with clear, wise, radical action in all the arenas of the world, inner and outer.”

– Andrew Harvey –




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