21 Day Kindness Challenge

21 Day Kindness Challenge

This years 21 Day Kindness Challenge begins October 2, 2014. Will you be a part of IT ?

21 Day Kindness Challenge-image via Be Radiantly Raw on Tumbler

21 Day Kindness Challenge-image via Be Radiantly Raw on Tumbler

Last year the 21-Day Kindness Challenge was launched on September 11th, and drew over 6000 people, from 98 countries.  It was a free and collective tidal wave of good that inspired many. It all began on a free, volunteer based website called  Kindspring.org. Will you be a part of this years movement?

It’s been said that small consistent actions performed over 21 days can create a significant impact in our personal lives. When these actions are done by groups of people the impact ripples out even further, what we call the butterfly effect.

21 Day Kindness Challenge-Tag, You're it! -Get the cards

21 Day Kindness Challenge-Tag, You’re it! -Get the cards

21 Reasons Why You Want To Participate in the 21 Day Kindness Challenge?

  • Leading research indicates that we can address ever-increasing imbalances in our society by changing the way we view and interact with the world.
  • We each are part of a whole and everything we do (every thought, word and deed) affects the whole.
  • Taking on a challenge as a group offers the opportunity to grow as a community.
  • It’s a great way to reinforce and build positive personal habits.
  • Being kind feels good.
  • God smiles on kindness.Whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist, kindness is an important part of the exhortations of all these religions.
  • Kindness broadens our perspective.
  • Because there can never be enough kindness in the world.
  • Kindness softens our heart. When we look for kind deeds, beauty, and the opportunity for kindness, we’ll find that we are more compassionate and more tolerant.
  • Kindness brightens our world. The more people who experience kindness from us, the more happy people will be in our lives.  When those around us are happier, our world becomes a brighter, lighter place to live.
  • Kindness helps people feel respected and less alone.
  • Because only kindness makes sense as a radical response to sorrow.
  • Kindness makes people want to be around us.
  • Often we are kinder to strangers then those we profess to love the most. Learn to be kinder to our loved ones.
  • Kindness bears wonderful fruit.
  • Kindness begets kindness.
  • Your children will learn from your example.
  • Kindness breeds tolerance and understanding.
  • Because being kind is in our own best interest.
  • It’s a whole lot of fun!
  • Don’t you want to make a difference, even in a small way?
21 Day Kindness Challenge, Because Kindness Matters!

21 Day Kindness Challenge, Because Kindness Matters!

Recent research into brain functioning has confimed that we are hard-wired for love and compassion. So it’s not just about our individual success – our communities and society flourish when people look out for each other.

When we’re kind to people we know it strengthens our connections with them and provides a source of support. Research shows that we may benefit from giving support more than those receiving it – and we’re also more likely get support in return when we need it. This may not be like-for-like support, or even from the same person, but being kind to others builds a wider support network which increases well-being all round.

Doing kind things for strangers helps build co-operation, trust and a sense of safety in our communities. It also helps us to see others more positively and empathise with them. These are the foundations of a thriving local community and a flourishing society – one which builds well-being all round.

As the challenge starts, Kindspring.org will send participants a daily email featuring the suggested action for the day, along with some inspiration and tips for putting it into action.  They also have a private feed, where you can share your stories as well as interact with other participants.

Need some ideas? Click the pic:

21 Day Kindness Challenge-Inspiration via And Then We Saved Blog

21 Day Kindness Challenge-Inspiration via And Then We Saved Blog

By becoming more aware of our values and practicing them in our daily lives, we not only begin to rewire our habits and tune into a deeper sense of joy, abundance and connection, we are just kinder in general. I’m in, are you?

What acts of kindness will you perform today?