Jonathan Robinson’s Art-Via Le Moulin Brégeon

Jonathan Robinson’s Art-Via Le Moulin Brégeon

Those of you who follow me here know that I have fallen in love with my friend Jonathan Robinson and his fabulous place in the Loire Valley, Moulin Bregeon. But did you also know that he’s an artist of international renown? Yup, he is.

Bird & Crown-Image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson 47″ x 31″

With a B.A., a M.A. and  Masters in fine Art from University of California Berkeley, Jonathan has shown his work from NYC to Koln,  San Francisco to Angers, France. Working in such mediums as oils and Pastels. Most recently he has been creating large works on paper in  pastels.

yellow bird-image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson 30.5″ x 23″

Jonathan’s pastels are larger than life and initially rendered in exquisite detail. He then brushes back over them, to obscure the details, in a process analogous to forgetting a memory. What was once crisp is now a little bit blurry around the edges, but no less beautiful for it. Using brilliant color and classic composition his pastels are stunning.

ceramic bird cup-image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson 30″ x 42″

Those of you who have ever played or worked with pastels knows how difficult this is. They smear, they smudge and it’s so hard to create a clean line, or depth of field and color. It normally takes over a month for Jonathan to complete one small pastel 6″ X 10″  approx., and up to several months to create his larger works which go up to 4′   x  6′.

pastels in Jonathan’s studio-image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson

He has sold roughly over 200 original pastels to date. He’s taken some of his best ones and has transformed them in to high quality, signed prints, now more easily available to the public. These prints are being produced right here where I live in Sebastopol (small world, n’est pas?), at Skylark Images. Printed at the original sizes on 100% cotton, thick acid free, archival quality paper, they will be a joy to their owners for generations to come!

image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson 30″ X 36″ approx.

All proceeds from his paintings and prints go to restoring his 12th century to late 19th century country village of Linières-Bouton, located in the Loire Valley; and currently undergoing phase 2 of …however many phases it takes to actually restore a whole town! Wouldn’t you love to own a fabulous piece of art, that makes a statement of style and color, and know that you’ve helped to keep a little bit of this historic town intact?

Disappearance of Shrike-image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson 42″ x 30″

To actually purchase one of his prints for yourself, as a gift or for a client, you can contact me directly, and I will have all the information, from price to size, and can get it shipped to you directly from the printer. You can email me at or call 707-481-9015.

Blue Tulips-image courtesy of Jonathan Robinson 42″ x 30″

 Meet Jonathan in the video below and hear just a hint of what he thinks when he produces his art.




  1. Marcy 10 years ago

    Jonathan’s work is breathtaking! The details of his pastels and the charming French village – both are outstanding. Thank you for all of the pictures and details. I’ve featured your blog today at stylesson.

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Thanks Marcy, I saw before I even got to this email! We love sharing Jonathan’s work and his mission. Keep in touch, because later this week (hopefully) we’ll be extending an invite to style setters to come and visit for an inside view of his part of the world! We’d love to have you join us. Cheers, and thanks for sharing our love of all things beautiful

  2. Karena 10 years ago

    Irene excellent interview. I came over from Marcy’s and was so attracted by Jonathan’s Bird paintings. I am very into these right now. His mastery of pastels is superb!

    Art by Karena

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      I’m glad you enjoy them Karena. His work in person is even more superb. The size alone commands attention. With the beauty of the art they are a knock out in just about any setting. Let me know if I can get you any information, or if you have anyone else you think might enjoy his work, please pass it on! I’ll pass your compliments along to Jonathan. There’s an invite coming up to designers and design lovers to visit him in the Loire. I hope it will come out this week. Stay tuned! and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I always love hearing what people think.

  3. Lyn Higgs 10 years ago

    I have had such a busy week , and today i finally settled down to view your discussion with Jonathan and hear him discussing his art and viewing his paintings–Absolutely love the bird paintings and what a pleasure to be able to share in the viewing of all the lovely things you place before us–thanks so much–on to my next Bits of Beauty!!!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by Lyn. I always love to see you pop up and read your thoughtful comments. Cheers to a great evening

  4. Myra 10 years ago

    These “Giclee’s” are also available from Myra Hoefer Design. Skylark has done wonderful work for us and were so thrilled to introduce them to Jonathan.

  5. Lyn Higgs 10 years ago

    Haven’t had a chance to tell you what I think about this trip to France and all that goes with it–Absolutely gorgeous and having a tour guide such as Jonathan would be an experience of a life time–Would I love to go –of course–but the circumstances in my life do not afford the flexibilty that this venture requires–maybe another time down the road!!!! In the meantime I will count on you and your talent for all the beautiful pictures I know you will be taking!!!

    • Author
      Irene Turner 10 years ago

      Your vote of confidence is much appreciated Lyn. I do wish you could come, his place is so up your alley. But I believe we will meet up in person at some point and time! Thanks for stopping by…as always,


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