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  • Apple Harvest-Entertaining Sonoma Style™

    One of the reasons I love living in Sonoma County is the sense of community, and a prime example was this years Apple Harvest at our neighbors, it was pure Entertainment Sonoma Style™!
  • Zazu Restaurant-Entertaining Sonoma Style

    Zazu Restaurant has a new home at the Barlow Center in Downtown Sebastopol, and is a pure example of Entertaining Sonoma Style™!
  • Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-Part 4 Drinks

    Once you've set up the lighting and set the table it's time to set up the drinks station(s) when Entertaining Sonoma Style ™!
  • Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-Part 3 Table Top

    In this series, Entertaining Sonoma Style ™, part 1 defined what Sonoma Style is all about and listed the elements. Starting with part 2, we talked lighting. Now, in part 3 let’s talk about the table scape or table top decor. First of all there is a naturalness or casualness to the tables when Entertaining Sonoma Style ™. We are […]
  • Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-Part 2 Lighting

    As promised in Part 1 of Entertaining Sonoma Style ™, part 2…lighting. Whether at dusk or night, lighting is a key element to setting the party mood and creating your personal style. What are some of my favorite ways to light a party? Depending on the venue, inside or out…here are some ideas:
  • Entertaining Sonoma Style ™-Part 1

    My Entertaining Sonoma Style ™ board on Pinterest is my number 1 board with 3,960,713 followers just on it’s own! Why is that? I think it’s because Sonoma County is wine country and an incredibly desirable place to visit and live, so people want to emulate our lifestyle. What is Entertaining Sonoma Style ™? It’s a casual yet chic combination of […]
  • Mason Jars-#1 Accessory for Entertaining Sonoma Style™

    Yes, I’m serious, Mason Jars are the #1 accessory to have on hand when Entertaining Sonoma Style™. They are most versatile and inexpensive, yet can serve a multitude of functions when putting together a casually chic party or major event here in wine country. What can you use mason jars for? Well, here are a few ideas:
  • Wild Flour Bread-Entertaining Sonoma Style

    Who doesn’t like freshly baked and organic bread? Here in Sonoma County we are blessed to have Wild Flour Bread, an organic bakery located in the small bucolic town of Freestone, CA.
  • Farro:Summer Salad-Entertaining Sonoma Style

    Have you discovered Farro yet? If not, I highly recommend this old world Italian grain of certain wheat species in whole form, somewhat similar to barley, but crunchier and very healthy! It can sometimes be hard to find although I get it at Whole Foods, and you can buy online from Bluebird Farms up in Washington. Here’s a summer salad great […]
  • Outdoor Dining-Entertaining Sonoma Style™

    Outdoor dining, otherwise known as dining Alfresco, is a pleasure for the senses. I don't know what it is, but there is something elemental about tasting food, in a beautiful setting outdoors in nature, and with friends. Alfresco dining is known as a style of dining that is casual and often party-like in its atmosphere, in a cool place and always outdoors.