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  • DownSizing RightSizing-Product Find!

    As you all know, I am a big proponent of  the Down Sizing/Right Sizing Trend and am constantly on the look out for products and ways to create functional storage and good looking comfort for smaller spaces. This weeks find…the perfect sofa, dining bench, single bed and with additional space…all in one piece!
  • Downsizing & Rightsizing

    ALERT, THIS NEW TREND IS GROWING: The buzz word is downsizing, I prefer to call it right sizing. For some, in fact, it is going smaller. Many of the baby boomers are now empty nesters who are getting older and want to live a simpler and easier lifestyle. They are in fact down sizing, whether it’s a smaller home, or, fewer of them.
  • West Edge Design Fair-#Clever

    Recently I attended the West Edge Design Fair in Santa Monica. While still in it’s infancy in it’s second year, it was one of the best curated shows I’ve ever been to.
  • Eclectic and Beautifully Designed Small Home-via Apartment Therapy

    Those who know me well know that I LOVE a unique, eclectic and beautifully designed small home. I found this home on the divine site Apartment Therapy. To me it’s one of the most interesting and lovely homes I’ve ever seen. Why?
  • Redefining Luxury Sonoma Style ™

    Luxury used to be an overused word meaning flash+ dash, and bigger is better; but, what is luxury in one market isn’t necessarily considered a luxury in another so I’d like to redefine luxury, Sonoma Style ™!
  • Kitchen Trends 2013-Part 6

    One of the things I am loving about attending Blog Tour NYC  next week is the opportunity I’ll have to see the latest product and designs coming out in our industry. To that end let me give you an insider scoop…White appliances are back! Yes, Miele, an industry leader, is once again forecasting the return of the clean and modern white […]
  • 4 Home Trend-Part 2-2011 and Beyond

    We are entering a time where collaboration, innovation and inspiration are key in creating our future lifestyle.  It’s time to take a look at how we really live and begin to change the housing industry to support us.   Part 1 of this report dealt with soft trends, or trends for decorating our interiors.  This part takes a look at the […]
  • Slow Home: a Conversation-Napa Valley Life Magazine

    Today I had a great time speaking with Kari Ruel, publisher of Napa Valley Life Magazine and Kellie Fuller from Kellie In The Morning at 99.3 The Vine and 1440 KVON, on their Sustainable Life segment.  The subject…Slow Home!  You can listen to the show (only about 10 minutes) down at the bottom of the blog…in the meantime, this post includes all […]