Painted Floors-via Santa Rosa Interior Design: read more

Painted Floors-via Santa Rosa Interior Design

Painted floors are in again! And not just for the reasons you think. It used to be that we painted a floor because it was the least expensive thing to do. While that still works today, here are some other reasons you might consider painting over wood or a plywood sub-floor: 1


The Light Bulb Re-Invented-LIFX: read more

The Light Bulb Re-Invented-LIFX

Being a bit of a tech geek I am loving the idea that the light bulb, yes the light bulb, is being re-invented! LIFX is the smartest light bulb you’ve ever experienced. It’s a wifi-enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android. LIFX gives you unprecedented control of your lights, […]


the New Face of Beauty Part 3 & the House of Dior: read more

the New Face of Beauty Part 3 & the House of Dior

A couple of weeks ago I saw photos of the Dior launch of Raf Simon’s as their new designer for this classic fashion house. I wrote about it because I thought the setting for his first show was truly beautiful, and the clothes certainly reflected the traditional and classy classic Dior look…but, now I’ve seen the […]


Open Shelving in Kitchens-In or Out?: read more

Open Shelving in Kitchens-In or Out?

There is a growing trend in kitchen design, either when renovating or for new construction for open shelving storage-for uppers primarily, but also replacing lower cabinets as well. I’m currently working on a complete home renovation with a younger couple (younger then me that is) who like the look and we are planning it for […]


Pink Saris-Inspiration for all Women: read more

Pink Saris-Inspiration for all Women

Pink Saris is a documentary by  internationally acclaimed director Kim Longinotto released in 2009 and broadcast last November by HBO. It is a foray into the lives of extraordinary women especially one Sampat Pal Devi, the leader of the Gulabi Gang (aka the Pink gang) a vigilante group of women in Northern India. 1


Outdoor Living Space-via Santa Rosa Interior Design: read more

Outdoor Living Space-via Santa Rosa Interior Design

From the simple to the sublime, outdoor living here in Sonoma County is a delight! Even in apartments with a small fire escape or balcony, you can expand your living space by creating a wonderful outdoor place to hang out. Or…if space permits, create a wonderful outdoor living room. 1


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