Bodega Bay Renovation

April 26, 2012

This project is a Bodega Bay Renovation. My clients found me through this blog, over a year ago. When I met them they had owned their week-end home for seven years.  As they were transitioning from sports parents to empty nesters, they were beginning to spend more time here, both by themselves and with adult friends.

They hadn’t done much with the house since buying it. With sandy kids and their friends, utility was the name of the game. Nor had the original owners updated anything since building the house in the mid 70’s.

view from their front deck

Entering a new phase in life, which included more adult entertaining, and hopefully, an expanding family down the road, they wanted to make changes in the house that would enhance the enjoyment of the space for years to come.

Initially they thought to simply update their kitchen and bathrooms, add light to the dark redwood rooms and subtly refresh their furnishings. But as I spent some time with them, getting to know them, understanding their vision and lifestyle, as well as spending time in the house itself, there seemed to be far more potential in the space then was first apparent.

So with the go ahead to design the plan, I set my goals with my clients as follows:

  • To create a home that my clients could eventually retire to, and enjoy for the rest of their lives. Therefore, I incorporated universal design principles.
  • To create an open space where the views of the ocean and the golf course could be appreciated throughout the day and throughout the whole house.

    The open living space

  • To create a fun space to entertain adults, keeping it kid friendly (future grandchildren you know) and dog friendly; while keeping it comfortable and intimate for the two of them.
  • To design a kitchen that was family and entertaining friendly, and fun to spend time in.

    A fun kitchen to spend time in with great views of golf course and ocean

  • To be sure that the bathrooms were easy to use as they aged.

    no threshold wet bath shower and toilet room

  • To use green principles through out the remodel including: salvaging all the redwood panels we could; using electric where ever possible as solar is planned for the future; using LED lighting; using salvaged wood for the new hardwood flooring; and keeping what we could of the furnishings and cabinetry where we could.
  • To maximize the room for the number of people to sleep over for long week-ends and holiday parties.

    the bunk room-great for guests, college kids and their friends, and future grand children

  • To use both nautical as well as country details throughout the home, particularly through the use of barn doors, barn and nautical lighting, and simple country like hardware.

    A view into the kitchen pantry area, looking from under the barn lights over the dining table

  • To ensure that the dark redwood rooms were well lit, throughout the day and at night.
At the end of the day I would say..and more importantly my clients say, that we accomplished all this and more! It really is ALL ABOUT THE PLAN. If you have a plan, no matter if you do your project all at once, or over time, at least you know that every dollar you spend is going towards the final goal.
Thanks to Marko Castor, owner and master craftsman of Green Arc, a green construction firm and his gang; plus Terry Church, master wood worker, for their help in accomplishing our mission.

another sunset

We ended up with a home that truly reflects the warm, open and fun personalities of my clients, plus their casual yet active coastal/country lifestyle. They tell me that they are happy with the results…and that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Cheers to a project well done!

Cheers, to another project completed

To see before and after pictures of the entire home, watch the video below.
Do you need help realizing the full potential of your home? If so, give me a call, I’m here to help you feel at home in your space. 

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