Collaboration-The Basis of all Good Design

November 17, 2011

It was a pleasure to have lunch with a like minded professional the other day in sunny Sausalito. Daniel Weaver, Architect and owner of 361 Architecture and Design Collaborative is a believer!  It really is “all about having a cohesive plan.

image via "Solution Focused Politics"

His company, 361 is all about integrative design and collaborating with professionals to work with clients to help them achieve their dream space, whether homes, offices or multi use buildings. We agree, creating a wholistic plan up front,  allows you to create the road map so that every step of the way you are feeding the end result, a beautiful and wholistic space that reflects you.

We also agree that assembling the perfect team for your project is crucial to creating your plan. Why do we say this?

  • Working up front will on all aspects of your project WILL save you money
  • Multiple input from professionals with diverse backgrounds create successful, enlivened space
  • Professionals provide the expertise and experience to enhance and achieve your vision
  • Professionals can help to clarify and simplify the process
  • Professionals keep up to date on their industry, helping you create your space with the latest in technology, energy conservation, land use and more
  • It’s cheaper to move ink on paper then concrete on the building site
  • You can preview many more options and play around with ideas before you sign off
  • With a team, you will work out 96% of the kinks, from every angle before you even break ground
  • A complete plan will help avoid struggle, delays, money, time and even aspirin!

image courtesy of 361+team website

My dream team includes an architect-Daniel (for the structure itself); a landscape architect-we have one (to incorporate the environment); the interior designer-me (to make sure you have the perfect living flow and furnishing or decor style that reflects you); the contractor-we know several (so that they understand the vision from conception and are on board with it to build it); and most importantly, YOU the client who’s space it will be and who’s vision we will design.

So, before you go ahead with your project, build your professional team, and create the perfect plan for you!

Got a project you are thinking about? Contact Me at,  I’d love to be a part of a team to help you create your perfect space!


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