7 Ways to Add Fall Decor Naturally-via Santa Rosa Interior Design

November 10, 2011

It’s fall. Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is on it’s way. Touches of winter have appeared, but fall is still here. I love bringing the seasons and nature into my home. It’s a nod to Mother Nature, and a way to celebrate through out the year.

So, what does fall mean to me?…Harvest, fruits, vegetables, gourds, nuts, the turning of the leaves and warm rich colors. It’s the culmination of a year of growth, the beginning of the stillness of winter, and something worth acknowledging.

via pinterest Fall Decor

Here are 7 ways to bring fall into your home, naturally:

  1. Fall Vignettes at the entrance to your home
  2. Wreaths on the front door

    via the highheeledhostess.com

  3. Branches of colorful leaves through out the house
  4. Candles to warm up a table and add light

    via Elle Interiors: Design & Great Living Blog

  5. Fall flowers

    image via Better Homes and Gardens

  6. Table decor for family meals
  7. Turning on our fireplaces and decorating the mantle

    image via The Kelton's Cozy Cottage Blog

    For more natural fall decor ideas check out the video below…and please share with me what you do to decorate for fall, I’d love to know!

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