Leaving on a Jet Plane-Geneva, Switzerland

August 31, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m off to Geneva Switzerland tomorrow to help a client and her fiance to settle into their new apartment. Yes…I am excited to work with a long time client and friend, and yes…it is a wonderful and challenging project. Here is just a little of what it will entail. 

  • My client will be getting married.
  • It’s the first time she will be formally living with someone since college.
  • We are merging two adult households into an apartment that is half the size, or less, then either of their homes in Nashville.
  • It’s a foreign country where none of us speak the language.
  • Although well traveled, my clients have never lived outside of the US before.
  • While it is an apartment they will only be living in for 3 to 5 years, never the less it’s their first home together.
  • Geneva is in the top 5 most expensive cities to live in, in the world.
  • Nashville is not!
Besides painting, and unpacking the container sent from Nashville with their things, we will also be traveling to the Loire Valley, to the small town of  Linières Bouton. There we hope to find lamps and some miscellaneous pieces of furniture that we’ll need to complete the  set up of the apartment.
The goal…everything will be painted, unpacked, hung and in working order before I come back home in 14 days!
The great news is…I posted on FB this plea:
“I’m headed to Geneva Switzerland early September for a project. Does anyone have any connections there? Painters, wood workers, great grocery stores, fun shopping? I would love to start my planning and could use a little help!”
I got help! A friend and old client connected me with the name, intro through email and FB, of an old friend of hers now living in Geneva. He is currently renovating his home, and…low and behold, everyone I need for this project is lined up and scheduled! That, in my not so subtle way, was my plug for the power of social media.
You won’t be seeing many posts over the next two weeks, but I’ll pop in every now and then to say hey, and share a little inspiration.

Wish me well. I’ll be writing more about my travel adventures upon my return. Santé!

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