Home Renovation: to Live In-Part 1

June 28, 2011

I believe that homes are meant to change and to reflect the people who live in them at different stages of life.

I also believe that it is important to hire a design professional when putting together your plans. Not that you can’t execute your plans with the contractor yourself, and over time if it makes more sense for your budget, but because:

Image courtesy of Vincent Building Services

  • They are not emotionally involved with your home so they can access your space with a clearer head.
  • Because they are emotionally uninvolved they can take different ideas from different family members and help to create a plan that works for all.
  • Because they don’t have a preconceived agenda, they may come up with alternatives you might never have thought of.
  • They have the expertise and experience to “see” through walls and get a sense of the space very quickly.
  • They can also tell quickly if it is a simple and easy change, or a more complex change requiring an engineer etc.
  • They can get the plans drawn up so as to make it as easy as possible to take it through any permitting process.
  • Also, because of their experience, they can help you interpret all your lifestyle needs into your home renovation.
  • They will help you think both short and long term about your needs.
  • They can help you “see” the end results before you get started.
  • If it’s an addition they can work with an architect to weave the interior/exterior together.

    Thanks to The Girl in the Brick House for this mood board as all of mine are with my clients!

  • Their job is to help you make decisions and weather the chaos of construction, making the process as easy and actually fun as possible.
  • Because they are in the business day in and out they will know what will add value for re-sale if that is the goal.

There are two main reasons you would renovate or remodel your home. One, to create a home that’s personal to you to live in long term, or two, to spruce up your home to sell (see Part 2 coming next Tuesday). So why do you renovate a home you want to live in?

  • To make your house into a home that reflects you.
  • To enhance the livability of your home, and have it support YOUR lifestyle.
  • To design your dream home.
  • Because it is more sustainable then tearing down and re-building.
  • In today’s market it is often better to hold on to a property then to sell and re-buy what you want.
  • Through out the different phases of life, ie: marriage, young children, teens, empty nesters, aging in place etc. you will have different needs and wants. Renovating to suit you and your families needs is bound to add to your quality of life at some point or another.

To ensure that you spend your money wisely and get exactly what you want in your home it is important to partner with a designer that listens, understands and has the experience to help you achieve your dream.

Over the 18 years of my career as an interior designer, I have become an expert on renovations. Ask me what I can do to help you. Feel free to call for any information…707-481-9015! It would be my pleasure to serve you.

In the meantime, below is a renovation for clients who bought their dream second home on the Sonoma coastline and needed help to update it, warming it up and allowing for plenty of room to house their art glass collection. What do you think, did we do that?


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