May 19, 2011

‎”To love beauty is to see light.” Victor Hugo

“The heart suffers when it cannot see and touch beauty, but beauty is not shy it is synonymous with existence.” Hafiz

People often ask me why I love talking about beauty. To me, there’s no doubt that beauty uplifts your spirit and your mood! It can stop you in its tracks and allows you, to relax, breathe, and re-balance your self in that moment.  It is inspirational!

A simple flower floating in a bowl-via design sponge blog

Once thought to be an indulgence, I now believe that beauty is crucial in this world to energize, nourish and uplift yourself.  In design I am always inspired by beauty in any form, and I believe that we must approach beauty wholistically, looking at life as a whole. To this end we need to see, enjoy and create beauty through:   

  • Accessing the beauty, flow and healing powers of nature
  • Tasting and enjoy local organic foods, superb wine and clean water
  • Developing a sense of your own personal style
  • Surrounding yourself with divine inspiration
  • Feeling a sense of wellness and well being
  • Experiencing the wonders and oneness of the world when traveling
  • Appreciating and supporting simplicity and sustainability
  • Enjoying inspiring art
  • And, designing a welcoming home, and a stimulating work space

Personal Style-via The Sartorialist blog: Mercer Street, NYC


Beauty is one of those intangible elements that speaks to our spirit, uplifts the soul and makes people feel good.  When surrounded by beauty it is generally difficult to maintain negativity.  It almost always makes us want to stop just to breathe it in.  Natural beauty is filled with grace and style.  And as an interior designer I believe it should be an intrinsic part of our space, whether our home or our work space.  Beauty is not formulaic, but rather personal to each of us.

Another way to experience beauty is to take what I call beauty breaks throughout your day especially when you are “too busy”.  A beauty break is about taking a moment to savor the simple beauty within our own environment and the nature around us…dwelling on beauty that we often no longer see as we focus on the rigors of daily life.  It can completely refresh us in the midst of our busy day.

Beauty in your home-home of James Andrew

Again, putting our attention on beauty, even for a moment, uplifts us. If we surround ourselves with beauty in all forms, be it good food, good wine, friends and family, a home that sustains us and nourishes us, a life of gratitude, music, and other various expressions of the sweetness of life, we will ennoble ourselves as well as our environment.

a gift from a child-via Darcy Nichole photography

So, open your eyes and give yourself the gift of beauty. Beauty is everywhere and in the simplest of things, a gift from a child, the changing of the seasons, a flower floating in a beautiful bowl…a photo on the side table placed just so, a small light that casts a glow over favorite books, a private place to nap, a vase with branches of fall leaves.  You can find it in the country, the city, in your home and always in nature.

Beauty in Nature-from my collection-Sonoma County

What do you do to give yourself the gift of beauty? What beauty inspires you? I’d love to hear. Leave me a comment below and I will include your idea with link back in a future blog, and thanks for stopping by.


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