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February 1, 2011

One of the things I love most about my living room is our window seat.  It’s where I sit first thing in the morning with my coffee, watch the sun rise and spend a little quiet time before I hit the day running.  It’s also where I can catch a little nap or reading time with my Grand daughter, time well spent for the two of us.

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A window seat is a great addition to your home.  I often add window seats for my interior design clients since the space beneath a window is often wasted.   Window seats can provide both extra storage space as well as a place to sit, relax, read a book and look out the window.  Window seats can be very versatile, offering:   

  • Added seating space in a living room or a family room
  • Provide a private reading corner
  • Offer a great view to the outside
  • As part of a eating nook in a kitchen, literally a booth

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  • Can add both seating in an entry to put shoes on and take shoes off, and offers storage for your shoes below
  • Can create an extra sleeping spot particularly in a child’s room
  • Creates a place of respite to retreat to and dream a bit
  • Offers a spot to work on projects, such as knitting, that require an abundance of natural light

Window seats can lend a bit of romance to a room as many people feel a sense of luxury for the spare time which lounging in a window seat suggests. Typically, I like a window seat that is installed in front of a window with a great view, so that someone seated in it can enjoy a beauty break.  Window seats can offer a perfect spot from which to simply observe.

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Do you have a window seat in your home?  How do you use it?

Check out the video below for some great ideas and I invite you to let me know where your private spot in your home is by leaving a comment below!

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