Paint Colors-Simply Devine!

November 9, 2010

For a couple of years now I’ve been wanting to use a line of paints called Devine Paint on a project.  Why?  I just LOVE the way this paint looks, feels and goes on the wall.  In my blog post about color trends for the 21st century, I talk about colors having a pearlescent or translucent feel…almost a milky finish.  And these beautiful, clean, bright and bold colors do!  They finish like those old fashion milk paints.

The owner of this paint line, Gretchen  Schauffler, wanted a paint that “went on like yogurt and looked like chiffon”.   She succeeded.  The paint feels as yummy as it looks, and while it is  thick and rich the colors are radiant and feel soft mainly because of it’s milky finish. But because these paints aren’t sold at every corner paint store most people won’t use them as they are afraid to buy them on line.

But, FINALLY, I got a client in Seattle (where Devine Paint is based and sold through Miller paint stores) and she was the perfect client to test the paint out!

I believe that a home and each room should express the personality of my clients.    Nancy Solomon is a successful author, public speaker and transformational coach.  She is from NY originally and has a big, bold and very colorful personality.  She’s fun, fun loving, a mother of two adorable children and their world is very stimulating.  In other words, she makes a big Impact!  Devine’s handmade artist palette of colors was a perfect fit for her.

Because of her colorful personality we chose  bold bright raspberries, mango, steel purple and turquoise…and yes, the colors work well together and the finish is…well, simply divine!  To this day, every time I speak to Nancy she tells me how much she loves her home and that the colors are so “yummy that she feels like she could lick them off her walls”!  Yes, we like happy clients.

While not easily accessible you can go on line, order the paint chips, even order test packets of the individual colors you are interested in.  Use the test packets to select some colors and paint a large square board to move around your room.  This allows you to see what the color will do in different light during different times of the day and against different colors.  Then you can feel comfortable enough to order the paints on line.  While this might feel a bit cumbersome and scary, I say it is worth the effort to test the paint and the color because they are just stunning!  And…not to worry, they have soft light colors as well, should you be a quieter personality!

Tell me, would you order a highly recommended and spectacular paint on line?

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