3 Ways To Display Art…Artfully!

March 9, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of visiting an artists home.  It was great fun to see all the unusual art and the way she displayed it!  Not only did she display her own art magnificently, but mixed it in with art from others so that it all seemed to come together…artlessly.  Here is what I notice from collectors who are organic in their presentation rather then consciously setting up a display:   

  • The Art of the Unexpected: They seem to find unexpected spots to display art.  Whether it is walking around a corner and there it is…to looking up and something seems out of place…perfectly!  I also love seeing art displayed out side, either large pieces of sculpture, to hanging pieces on the side of buildings.  It’s not where you expect to see it.
  • The Art of Grouping: The most artistic presentations are those that you would not normally put together and yet they each individually as well as collectively grab and hold your attention.  Whether you have to go close to see what it is, to wanting to scrutinizing the distinctions you are pulled to spending time checking each piece out while admiring the whole.  They mix different sized pieces of art and different art mediums together.  For example: sculpture with paintings, with artifacts…or…small paintings in collage with large ones…or…traditional art pieces with modern art pieces.
  • The Art of More is Better: For lovers and artists with a modern bent one of anything is enough and simple is better.  But what intrigues me are the “layered” looks where the more pictures in frames, the more frames, the more books, the more pieces of any collection is better and they manage to artfully arrange it in such a way that it looks like they never even tried and you could never duplicate it in a million years!

Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about.  Penny Michele is the owner and artist of the fabulous ceramic sculptures and bowls you will see through out these pictures.  With a real feel of ancient lands and a unique finish technique, they are truly one of a kind pieces.  And. many of her pieces are for sale!  Make sure you contact her if you are interested in anything…or to see more of her work.

I’d love to see any unusual art displays you’ve seen in your travels!  Send me pictures and I’ll have fun using them in other blog posts…

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