Are You Afraid of Color? Don’t Be…

February 25, 2010

Those of you who know me know I dream in color, I am PASSIONATE about color!  Why?  Let me count just some of the ways…

  • Color inspires
  • Color sets mood
  • Color projects image
  • Color makes statements
  • Color creates emotion
  • Color brightens
  • Color heals
  • Color is fun
  • Color creates energy
  • Color is the quickest way to change a room

Nothing changes the Energetics of Space™ faster then color.  So why are so many people afraid of color?  I think mostly because one, they think that they will make a mistake, and two, their eyes are used to beige.   

Let me reassure you…there are no mistakes with color!  You just have to take the first step and select just one color and add it to your world.  Take some time for your eyes to get use to the color, and then, if you don’t like what you see…change it.  Color in the form of paint is the least expensive and the easiest way to change and/or add color to a room and your world.  Other ways are through accessories such as pillows, throws, art, and fabric…but the best, and my favorite, is with paint.

We use color as an adjective to so much in our world.  Think about it…we use color to describe how we feel and what we see…

  • It’s a BLUE day
  • She’s pretty  in PINK
  • Mellow YELLOW
  • Optimistic ORANGE
  • Pure WHITE
  • BLACK hole
  • Passionate PURPLE
  • Fiery RED
  • Merry (mari) GOLD
  • Go GREEN

Color makes such a statement that there are books written about the psychology of color, the history of color, and entire blogs written just about color!  My two personal favorites are Sensational Color and House of Turquoise.

As a designer color is definitely my favorite element to work with.  So get out of your comfort zone and give up beige.  Paint a room a fun color…and then, paint the next, and the next.  It will change the feeling of your space and become a feast for your eyes.

So color your world!

What color do you want to be?

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