Holiday Flowers

December 10, 2009

Flowers and plants are natures way of decorating seasonally.  Here are some wonderful ideas from Laura Dowling, a Parisian educated florist based in Washington DC, and now florist to the White House.


I love the arrangement she did on the left …Candles and flowers.

Candles and flowers are a classic combination and provide the finishing touch to any table setting.

In addition, the Claddagh, a16th century Irish candle decoration symbolizes eternal love and friendship, and provides a perfect subtle energetic statement for your space.

Decorate a silver candelabra with flowers and greenery for an elegant look or even insert candles (securely, of course) in bouquets with your choice of flower and/or plants.

She also has some great directions for creating holiday wreaths and arrangements that reflect the spirit of the season. Enter her web site and go to projects…there are actual “recipes” using not only flowers but bountiful fruit and vegetables found seasonally at local farmstands. See the Apple and berry wreath directions below for a sample of the information on her web site.  It’s a quick and easy way to add beauty to your home!  I love this particular wreath because I love the combination of apples and berries which utilize a traditional color motive with an unexpected twist!



What you’ll need

1 12 inch straw wreath form

Stem wire
Floral wire

Floral picks (4 inches)

35 small red delicious apples

1 bunch of red holly berries

1 bunch of red rose hips
Trailing English ivy



•Pierce apples through the center with the stem wire. Working from side to side on the front of the wreath, 
wrap wired apples around the form, twisting tightly in back to securely fasten each piece of fruit.

•Cover the entire wreath form with apples.

•Cut small bunches of berries and rose hips (about 2 – 3 inches in length). Wire the berries and rose hips to floral picks.

•Add the bunches to the wreath, interspersing the berries among the apples.

•Wrap trailing ivy in and around the wreath as a finishing touch.

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