Women For Women

November 14, 2009

img-productsOne of my favorite groups to support as a sponsor  is Women for Women.


First of all I love the whole concept of women helping other women…our sisters/friends.  The fact that W4W helps women survivors of war get back on their feet where they become an active member of their community both emotionally and economically stirs my soul.   

In 2005 Kate Spade (one of my favorite accessory designers) and W4W partnered creating hand in hand to promote micro-enterprises for women in the still recovering communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. This micro -enterprise is the next step in an ongoing product development partnership. W4W International trains the women to knit, with creative direction from kate spade new york.

Together they produce these great knit products sold online and in Kate Spade shops around the world! Kate Spade epitomizes the concept of using her personal style and design gifts to creatively help other women.

To me this is an example of the energy of giving to and in turn, the outward manifestation of beauty it gives back .   Check it out, these knit goods make great Christmas gifts, with the added benefit of knowing that you are giving back!

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